Never a dull moment.

Hand forged.

Damascus and plain steel custom knives.

I began making knives part-time in 1993 for local sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who appreciated high performance tools and handmade craftsmanship. In 1994, I started hand-forging carbon steel blades and making basic Damascus steel. As time passed, I became more obsessed with making custom knives and the art of forging Damascus. In 1995, I left a regular job as a purchasing agent to become a full time knifemaker. My tastes, talent, and techniques have continuously evolved since the first knife I made.

And Hewn.

Fossil ivory, rare burl, and bone.

My passion for my work is stronger and more alive than it has ever been. Incorporated into this work is countless hours of hand work, innovative Damascus designs and patterns, and only the best exhibition grade handle materials. Nothing is compromised in the making of any of my knives – nothing.

From the finest materials.

Today, my primary focus is making investment grade Damascus folding knives out of mosaic and composite bar Damascus. I use the best materials like blue fossil ivory, swordfish bill, diamonds. These creations are one-of-a-kind pieces made one at a time, by hand, by myself, and from start to finish. Continuing to make unique sculpted pieces that show my personal vision of this art, and that continue to escalate in value with time, is my long-term goal.

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Never a dull moment.

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custom made Damascus and plain steel knives

This site represents a diverse cross section of my work and is intended to be my catalog for people wishing to place orders for customs knives. Placing an order directly with me for a knife is by far the quickest way to get something in particular you may want. I will also place one of a kind custom knives for sale as often as possible thru the “knives on hand” section, these knives usually sell very fast and are sold on a first come basis to those on my wait list. I am dedicating more time to building knives specifically for sale on this site from now on, so I can do less traveling during the year to shows. Some health problems over the last few years have forced me to reduce my travel schedule, but I still plan to attend a couple shows this year. It’s always great to meet new folks and to catch up with old friends as well.

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